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Wiper Blade Maintenance

Fueling Stops

Give your wiper blade rubber elements a quick cleaning when filling up with fuel. Generally, gas stations have the washer solvent and squeegee available for windshields. Simply take one of the complimentary paper towels and wipe down the rubber element after the windshield has been cleaned. This will remove any loose dirt and most road grime that can lead to streaking, smearing and hazing.

Complete Cleaning

While washing your car, simply take a small amount of Bon-Ami® on a sponge and clean the windshield and rubber wiping element, as well as the other exterior glass on the vehicle. Bon-Ami and a sponge will remove ALL road grime and oil-like deposits caused by general vehicle use, and make the glass look practically new again.

Icy and Snowy Conditions

Do not use windshield wipers as ice scrapers. Use an ice scraper as much as possible when de-icing vehicles and allow the vehicle plenty of time to warm up with the defroster on "HIGH" to loosen as much ice and snow as possible. We sell winter wiper blades which are covered by a rubber boot to keep linkages free of ice and corrosives. Winter blades should never be used to de-ice the windshield.

Regular Maintenance Schedule

Inspect windshield wipers every six months for wear and damage and replace accordingly. A good rule of thumb for timing is day light saving time, when many other household items are inspected and checked. Many times, vehicle owners do not replace worn and damaged wipers until the bad weather hits, or their vision is deteriorated to the point where safety is compromised. In addition, straining the eyes while visibility is poor can lead to driver fatigue and anxiety. A regular inspection schedule will help avoid potentially dangerous situations.

This documentation was provided by Federal Mogul.

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