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Winter Driving Online Training

Course Number: TRD 00059
Course Name: Winter Driving Online Training
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Lesson Time: 00:37:22 - Overview: Covers cold weather driving pre-trip inspections, using the inter-axle differential lock for traction, planning ahead for emergencies, chaining and chaining laws.

Index: Bad Habit Checkup, Pre-Trip, Lights and Reflectors, Air Brakes, Handrails and Toe-Holds, Exhaust System, Air Brake Lines, Fifth Wheel, Fuel Tanks, Tire and Fluid Levels, Personal Survival Gear, Using Tire Chains*, Types of Chains*, Inspecting Your Tire Chains, Installing Chains Safely, Checking Tire Chains, When to Use Chains, Cold Weather Starting, Pre-heater Assisted Starting, Engines that Don't Start, Driving Safely in Winter, Reduced Visibility, Reduced Traction, Power Divider, Poor Road Traction, Other Factors in Poor Traction, Detecting Black Ice, Dealing with Skids, Braking and Turning in Poor Traction

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