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Whiting Truck Wash Analysis

Learn the best wash process for your fleet to be able to maximize your wash cost, wash time and wash quality with this one 8-hour day extensive on-site industrial wash training and analysis by Whiting Systems. Whiting specializes in Automated Large Vehicle Wash Systems for any application including Food Services, LTL, Oil Field Services, Manufacturing, OTR and Agricultural. In this in-depth 8-hour training session, you’ll come away with the knowledge and skills to help you achieve lower maintenance costs and a vast improvement in ROI with regards to your vehicle wash program.

You’ll ensure or improve the image of your fleet by consistently maintaining vehicles that are clean, free of debris and in compliance with the latest regulations regarding vehicle washing standards. During this 8-hour, on-site training, focusing solely on your fleet, you’ll quickly gain a deeper understanding of the 3 areas most critical to a successful fleet washing program: Wash Cost, Wash Time and Wash Quality – with specific take-away knowledge for maximizing each. At the end of your training day, you’ll come away with a solid understanding of

    How to keep your wash costs in check by understanding the areas that could be wasting – or saving - the most money:
  • Proper Detergent Dilution
  • Proper Water, Electricity and Equipment Usage

    Common mistakes likely sabotaging your wash time – and how to quickly turn them around to your advantage:
  • Proper Detergent Dwell Time
  • Most Efficient Way to Clean
  • Maximizing Labor Productivity

    Specific techniques you should put into practice to ensure a Quality Wash:
  • Proper Application of Detergents
  • Proper Rinse Technique
  • Proper Spray Patterns


To request an on-site wash training and analysis consultation or visit, please send us an email here. Someone will contact you within 48 business hours to discuss and schedule your appointment.

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