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LoJack® SCI InTransit™ provides a covert tracking and monitoring solution that actually recovers stolen cargo. It also provides intangible benefits, including helping law enforcement fight the problem of cargo theft—which aids police in combating organized crime rings and getting wanted criminals off the streets. But most important, LoJack SCI InTransit helps protect both the supply chain and a company's bottom line. Following are some examples of LoJack SCI InTransit in action.

Case 1

A theft-in-progress alert was received when a shipment deviated from its designated route. Local law enforcement, state police and a multistate task force were immediately deployed. The well-coordinated surveillance effort resulted in warrants for two locations.

  • Results
  • Five arrests
  • $835,000 load recovered
  • $1.25 million worth of other stolen merchandise found

Case 2

Federal law enforcement resolved a case involving an Ecuadorian gang suspected of stealing over 30 trailer loads of cargo over a six-month period. Using LoJack SCI InTransit's Web-mapping technology, a "virtual perimeter and route fence" were created with real-time tracking alerts.

  • Results
  • Four arrests
  • $1.2 million of cargo recovered
  • One subject turned informant led to recovery of additional stolen merchandise and arrests

Case 3

A California task force tracked and located a stolen trailer load of electronics using two chase cars. The suspects deployed their own counter surveillance through 60 miles of heavy traffic and construction zones. Law enforcement was able to maintain real-time, online "stand back" visibility of the stolen trailer and cargo.

  • Results
  • Four arrests
  • Full load of electronics recovered
  • $1.4 million worth of other stolen merchandise found

Case 4

Four armed men wearing ski masks robbed a load of cigarettes at a trucking facility in Waxahachie, Texas. Two men held up the guards while the other two hot-wired a tractor-trailer and disabled its GPS. The monitoring center was able to track the vehicle using the LoJack SCI InTransit tracking device in the cargo.

  • Results
  • Four arrests
  • Full load valued at $1 million recovered within one hour of robbery

Case 5

A well-known cosmetics company's 19-pallet shipment was stolen en route from Chicago to Miami. Within 24 hours of being notified of the theft, LoJack SCI monitoring specialists provided the location of the cargo to law enforcement. The load was found within 30 feet of where the tracking device indicated it would be.

  • Results
  • One arrest
  • $150,000 worth of stolen cargo recovered
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