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SCI InTransit

Only LoJack SCI InTransit integrates GPS, AGPS, cellular and RF technology to deliver the most advanced features available for cargo tracking, monitoring and recovery. Plus, you get the added security of 24/7/365 monitoring support and a direct connection to the nearest law enforcement agency.

Covert Cargo Tracking - never lose sight of your cargo

Between point A and point B, anything can happen. So you need more than an off-the-shelf tracking device. LoJack® SCI InTransit"'s state-of-the-art tracking devices can be customized to blend with any cargo. Using our Web-based interface and customized security protocols, you can track your cargo in real time, to your precise requirements.

Web-Based Monitoring-keeps you and your supply chain connected

LoJack® SCI InTransit" integrates a wide range of customizable features to help you and your team maintain constant surveillance, audit carrier compliance and stay on top of fast-developing situations. Status reporting intervals can be adjusted to respond to an increased threat level or to preserve battery life. Alerts can be routed to the appropriate staff and are readily available to those logged on to the InTransit application. Designated alerts are forwarded along a chain of command via cell phone text message and e-mail. And the complete history of a shipment or device can be quickly displayed for fast review and analysis.

Dispatch and Recovery Network - the largest law enforcement dispatch and recovery network database in the industry.

LoJack® SCI InTransit"'s extensive multi-agency law enforcement database and recovery network includes cargo task forces, state law enforcement, local jurisdictions, LoJack law enforcement liaisons and private investigators. The LoJack SCI Monitoring Center responds, validates and dispatches the appropriate law enforcement or investigative agency based on the member's established protocols and shipment geographic location.

Remote Monitoring and Support (product upgrade)

While LoJack SCI InTransit allows you to personally monitor cargo via the Web, members also have the option of turning to our LoJack SCI Monitoring Center for full-service, 24/7/365 monitoring, backup monitoring or assistance in establishing their own monitoring program. Capabilities include:

  • Battery protocol and alerts
  • Stationary, departure and arrival protocols and alerts
  • Perimeter and route entry/exit protocols and alerts
  • Distance to destination protocols and alerts
  • Carrier protocol adherence and incident reports
  • Member-defined/implemented practices
  • Law enforcement dispatch on actual thefts in progress

LoJack SCI Incident and Case Management Service (ICMS) (Product Upgrade)

  • Information can be stored and accessed in various formats.
  • Information can be shared across the enterprise or across the supply chain.
  • Information sharing can prevent supply chain losses and increase recoveries.

Supply Chain Information Sharing and Analysis Center (SC-ISAC) (Optional Service)

The SC-ISAC, which is managed by LoJack SCI, is the only federally sanctioned service that captures and analyzes historical incident and case information on cargo theft, product diversion and counterfeit cases within the cargo sector. That is how LoJack SCI provides a comprehensive, intelligence-based cargo security solution including threat alerts, incident bulletins, data feeds and access to exclusive events.
To enroll, call 1-720-413-8000 or e-mail us at [email protected].

Supply Chain Asset Protection (Optional Service)

LoJack SCI offers a range of professional services by qualified partners with expertise in supply chain protection and risk mitigation solutions including:

  • Site assessment and physical security recommendations
  • Security Personnel and staffing recommendations
  • Protocols development and training
  • Surveillance and Investigations
  • Risk profile improvement and monitoring
  • Contingency and disaster recovery planning

Download our white paper to learn more about solving the commercial on-highway theft problem for cargo, trucks and trailers.

Download our theft study for a review of the collected and analyzed supply chain incidents from last year.

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