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LoJack Results

LoJack Results

Since the early 1980's, The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System has been protecting commercial fleet vehicles from theft.

Faced with the growing problem of commercial vehicle theft, fleet owners can get the 24/7 protection they need from LoJack—a small tracking device hidden in trucks, trailers and fleet vehicles that sends a signal directly to the police if it is stolen.

With a 90% recovery rate and over 250,000 vehicles recovered globally to date, LoJack provides the most effective solution for combating the costly problem of vehicle theft.

LoJack Key Benefits and Features:

  • LoJack is the ONLY stolen vehicle recovery system operated by the police
  • National recovery rate of 90%
  • Rapid recovery: Most vehicles recovered within hours
  • One-time cost: No monthly fees or installation cost
  • Stealth installation: No visible antennas for thieves to find and disable

For more information on LoJack or to find out which system is right for you, call us at 1-800-759-6479.

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