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How does LoJack work?

LoJack is a small, silent radio transponder hidden in your truck or trailer. When the vehicle is reported stolen, the LoJack unit is automatically activated. The LoJack unit transmits a unique reply code that can be received and decoded by specially-equipped police vehicles, helicopters, and airplanes.

Does LoJack work with all kinds of vehicles?

Expert certified installers can place the LoJack transponder on any self-propelled, road-registered vehicle. It can also be deployed in trailers, in heavy construction equipment, and in portable equipment such as welders, generators, and compressors.

My cargo trailer does not have a power source, could a LoJack still work?

Yes, LoJack for Trailers is self-powered and draws no power from a vehicle. The battery has an operating life of five years.

How can I justify the cost of protecting my fleet with LoJack?

According to the Technology Asset Protection Association, 85% of all business security losses are attributed to the theft or loss of product in transit.

A single LoJack recovery often pays for protecting your entire fleet with LoJack. Complete our ROI Calculator and estimate what your return on investment would be when you protect your fleet with LoJack.

Is installation included when I buy LoJack?

Onsite installation is included for all LoJack products.

How is LoJack different from GPS systems?

GPS systems require line-of-sight access to the orbiting GPS satellite system in order to track a missing vehicle. GPS systems can't penetrate forest cover, parking garages, or other obstructions. By contrast, LoJack uses a special FCC-allocated radio frequency that can penetrate many obstructions. Many GPS systems also require an external antenna that can be seen and easily broken off by potential thieves. LoJack is also the only system used by police to track stolen vehicles.

How big is the LoJack unit?

The LoJack transponder is about the size of a deck of cards. It's small enough to be hidden in dozens of locations inside a vehicle.

How will I know if LoJack is working properly?

LoJack tests the unit remotely at the time of installation to ensure proper operation.

Does the price drop if I purchase more than one LoJack?

Volume pricing is available when more than one unit is purchased on an order. Please contact us for details on pricing for more than one unit.

Where does LoJack operate?

The LoJack coverage map includes areas in 27 states and the District of Columbia, representing about 2/3 of the U.S. population and including most major metropolitan areas. LoJack is continually expanding coverage areas, so contact us to find out if you are in coverage.

Is there any visible LoJack branding or signage on the vehicle?

LoJack is a vehicle recovery system and is not intended to be a theft deterrent by itself. Because the presence of the LoJack unit is not disclosed to the thief, there is a greater likelihood of rapid recovery and minimal damage. 90% of LoJack-equipped vehicles are recovered.

What happens if my truck battery is disconnected?

LoJack continually recharges itself from the vehicle's electrical system (the load is negligible). If the battery is disconnected from the vehicle, the LoJack transponder's internal backup battery provides power.

Will I receive an insurance discount?

It depends on your specific policy and riders. Some carriers offer discounts and waiver deductibles. Contact your carrier for details.

What happens if I sell my truck or trailer with LoJack? Can I transfer my LoJack to my new vehicle?

Your LoJack unit is not transferable from one vehicle to another because the serial number on your LoJack is permanently linked to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your vehicle in the National Crime Information Computer database. However, once installed LoJack may enhance your vehicle's resale value.

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