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Potential For Serious Injury Or Collision From Lift Gates

There is a potential for injury if a raised lift gate becomes obstructed and a drive decides to free the obstructed lift gate. As the obstruction is being cleared, the lift gates can potentially fall and crush the driver.


  • Ensure that drivers and operators of lift gates understand that under NO circumstances are they to perform any maintenance on lift gates or enter the area beneath a raised lift gate.
  • Lower the lift gate all the way to the ground and inspect the rear of the trailer to ensure proper clearance of lift gate throughout its complete cycle.
  • Review proper operation of lift gates and manufacturer's safety instructions, including proper procedures for dealing with malfunctions, with all drivers and users of the lift gates.
  • Continually monitor to ensure that employees follow safety and operational procedures at all times.
  • Maintenance employees performing work on lift gates MUST follow proper energy control procedures.

Always check the condition of equipment / tools before using them . . . your safety depends on it!!!

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