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Truck Driver Training

Ryder Pro-TREAD comprises a vast assortment of highly interactive lessons that your drivers take individually over the internet. They can only complete the lessons with a 100% “Mastery” score, which is documented and available to you anytime.

Key Benefits and Features:

  1. Based on the only federally-approved driver training program
  2. Trains and re-trains all the basics of smart, safe driving
  3. The best produced, most enjoyable, and most effective training available
  4. Totally interactive––driver learns at own pace
  5. You select any lessons you want from a constantly growing menu
  6. Simple to register and use over the internet
  7. Bullet-proof documentation of all your drivers’ training
  8. Includes the Entry-Level Driver Suite of 4 federally mandated lessons
  9. Constantly updated with all federal policy revisions
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