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Cummins Restore

If your Cummins ISX15 engine is struggling with excessive oil consumption, it could be caused by carbon build-up on the pistons, also referred to as piston deposits or carbon-packed pistons. Once this hard carbon is removed, the first and second piston rings can begin to move freely and restore oil control.

To achieve maximum deposit cleaning effectiveness, Cummins recommends using Valvoline Premium Blue Restore™ Lubricating Oil along with Fleetguard Cummins Lube Filter with NanoNet® Media, part number LF14000NN, in place of the normal oil and filter for one entire standard lubricating oil drain interval.

What is Valvoline Premium Blue Restore™ Oil and How Does it Help My Engine?

This specially formulated lubricating oil, exclusively endorsed and recommended by Cummins, acts as a solvent to dissolve carbon buildup. It was designed specifically to address excessive oil consumption issues on engines outside of the warranty or extended coverage period in a more cost-effective manner than an engine overhaul.

Fleetguard Filter LF14000NN: Prevents Premature Oil Filter Plugging.

Use Fleetguard Cummins LF14000NN Lube Filter together with Valvoline Restore to help prevent premature lubricating oil filter plugging. The 14000NN filter features NanoNet® Media which has the efficiency and capacity to capture and hold the dissolved carbon without plugging the filter. This is important because a blocked filter can cause abrasive contaminants from the oil to make its way to the engine and its components, leading to internal engine damage.

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