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Out-of-adjustment air brakes are the #1 infraction found during D.O.T. inspections, and the #1 reason cited for out-of-service orders.

Brake Safe®, from Spectra Products Inc., is an easy-to-install visual brake stroke indicator and diagnostic tool that allows for fast and accurate visual inspection of air brake adjustments. Helps extend the operational life of slack adjusters by reducing the wear and tear associated with repeated and unnecessary adjustments, and can assist in identifying other problems including weak or broken springs; and worn, seized or incorrectly installed slack adjusters.

  • Reduces pre-trip inspection time
  • Eliminates guess work when determining brake adjustment
  • Eliminates the need to crawl under truck or trailer when checking brake adjustment
  • Installs in minutes with regular shop tools
  • Reduces time spent trouble-shooting air brake problems and other faults in the foundation brake system
  • Three Goalpost sizes are manufactured to the three Regulation stroke limits of 1.75", 2.00" or 2.50" depending on the brake chamber size. 
  • Conforms to FMCSA Brake Regulation 393.53c " No or Defective Brake Adjustment Indicator on Air Brake System for vehicles manufactured after 10/19/ 1994"

Want to Know More? View Brake-Safe® Diagnostic Capabilities Video:

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