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LoJack offers covert theft recovery solutions to get back your stolen trucks, trailers and cargo. They use technology, intelligence and support to help keep your valuable assets protected.

LoJack®Supply Chain Integrity InTransit™

For covert tracking and recovery of high value cargo.

LoJack®Supply Chain Integrity InTransit™

Recover Your Cargo

Cargo theft is an epidemic today costing businesses billions of dollars. Cargo theft in the U.S has increased from $1 billion in 1977 to an estimated $10 to $30 billion today, with the global impact estimated at $100 billion and rising.

LoJack® SCI -InTransit™ provides customers a service that enables them to track and monitor high value cargo, audit carrier security protocol compliance, and conduct covert internal surveillance operations to ensure that their valuable assets are protected. If you want to protect your supply chain to ensure that your cargo is delivered safely, on-time and in one-piece, you need LoJack SCI InTransit.

LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Operated by the police for recovery of stolen trucks and trailers.

LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Recover Your Fleet

LoJack®, the global leader of tracking and recovery systems for valuable mobile assets, is the fleet manager's solution to the costly problem of commercial vehicle theft. With recovery solutions designed for tractor, truck, and trailer fleets, LoJack® helps keep your fleet on the road and your business moving forward.

Our leading Stolen Vehicle Recovery System, LoJack®, is the only recovery system operated by the police. Over 90% of LoJack-equipped vehicles that are stolen are recovered - many within hours.

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