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John Dow Products

Ryder Fleet Products is a leading John Dow Service Equipment and Supplies distributor. Ryder Fleet Products carries select fast-moving inventory from John Dow to help you keep your customer's vehicles clean during maintenance and repairs.

John Dow Industries has provided the automotive aftermarket with quality products engineered to help customers achieve greater work efficiencies for a variety of service applications for over 30 years. John Dow professional tools and equipment are built to endure the rigors of automotive and heavy-duty vehicle service and maintenance. The new company has expanded to include a full and exceptionally high quality line of filter monitors, including gauges, indicators, switches, and sensors.

The John Dow line includes disposable floor mats, disposable seat covers, drain pans and hoses on a reel which dispense lubricants, antifreeze and other fluids. John Dow also offers many other related products which are available from us on a special order basis.

Disposable floor mats protect your customer's upholstery while repairs are being performed. Disposable seat covers also protect the interior from greasy clothing during preventative maintenance. Drain pans and reel dispenser hoses are extremely convenient tools for any truck repair shop.

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