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Potential For Serious Injury Or Collision From Wheel Chocks & Jack Stands

There is a potential for injury when performing maintenance under a truck. As a safety precaution always use jack stands and wheel chocks to secure vehicle. Wheel chocks and jack stands must be in good condition. If parked on a on a slope, the vehicle can roll forward if the wheel chock's integrity had been ruined in the past by being driven over. This could cause the vehicle to fall off of the jack stands, and crush the technician.


  • Incorporate wheel chock inspections into your monthly shop inspections. Wheel chocks do lose structural integrity over time, and are inexpensive to replace.
  • Vehicles going to be lifted and placed on jack stands, should be on a level surface before the lift begins, the engine placed in neutral, and the parking brake set.
  • Jack stands MUST be properly positioned (a common cause for improper positioning is if the shop location does not have adequate sized stands available; low profile jack stands may be needed - ensure you have the correct type and number of jack stands)
  • Wheel chocks should be placed in front and behind at least one non-drive wheel.

Always check the condition of equipment / tools before using them . . . your safety depends on it!!!

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