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GoJo Hand Cleaner

Ryder Fleet Products is one of the leading distributors of GoJo hand cleaning products. We carry a large inventory of GoJo products for truck repair technicians including hand cleaner and mechanics gloves and more.

GoJo has a sole focus of hand hygiene and healthy skin. As a result, they lead the industry in developing skin care solutions for a variety of markets, including healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, food service, education and government. Each market provides us with a more in-depth understanding of the science of skin care, and we apply that knowledge to every market we serve.

GoJo combines progressive product formulations, carefully engineered dispensing technology and scientifically based education and training programs that encourage healthy skin care behavior. The resulting skin care programs are the most extensive and comprehensive in the industry.

Founded in 1946 at a plant in Akron, Ohio. GoJo started selling hand-mixed batches of hand cleaner to co-workers in rubber manufacturing plant. In 1948 the first waterless hand cleaner was introduced to safely remove grease, tar and oil from skin. In 1950 they introduced the first portion-control dispenser to solve customer-identified problem of product waste.

Today, GoJo solves problems for people in a variety of away-from-home locations, including hospitals, schools, restaurants, nursing homes, public washrooms, and other workplaces, in addition to its original focus on manufacturing plants and automotive service stations. Automotive and truck repair facilities use GoJo because it offers a complete line of medium & heavy duty hand cleaners that include multi-purpose hand cleaners that are effective on a full range of soils and specialized hand cleaners that are formulated for specific soil types.

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