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As a customer of Ryder Fleet Products you have the ability to purchase fuel from Ryder Energy Distribution Corporation(REDCO). Historically, REDCO has supplied the Ryder fleet with bulk fuel and lubricants with annual purchases exceeding 50,000,000 gallons of fuel. Now customers can share in our buying power and experience immediate savings on your bulk fuel purchases! Call 1-888-BUY-FUEL to learn how your company can begin to accept your 7500 gallon transport loads from and REDCO. Our bulk fuel customers benefit from:

National Distribution

OPIS Related Pricing

Same Day Delivery

Easy ACH Payment

Call 1-888-BUY-FUEL and let Ryder fill your bulk fuel tanks.

About Ryder Fuel Services

Ryder Fuel Services provides “Best in Class” end-to-end fuel management, centralizing the management of key site fueling information, through automated fuel management processes, ensuring that the customer maintains consistent site operations to ensure that their fueling sites stay operational and profitable. Ryder Fuel Services consists of four complementary services that work together to provide the customer with the greatest benefit, maximizing profitability and improving operating efficiencies.

Ryder Fuel Service, the sole fuel services provider to Ryder System, Inc. with over 750 locations and 2,200 tank systems, can integrate established “Best Management Practices” into everyday fleet operations to improve operating efficiencies, increase the fueling facility uptime, reduce costs and minimize negative environmental impact and reduce service costs through remote diagnostics and problem resolution.

The Ryder FS Inventory Management Service allows the customer to optimize inventories and delivery schedules reducing the costs associated with fuel runouts and haulbacks. It gives customers visibility into all of their sites helping to determine minimum fuel needs while maximizing on cost savings at all times.

The Ryder Fuel Services Alarm Management Service is a combination of alarm triaging and compliance management. Ryder Fuel Services technicians leverage technology to eliminate manual processes and continuously monitor the safety and proper functioning of underground and above ground storage tank systems. Using a centralized system we are able to create an environment for our customers where problems are accurately identified and addressed in a timely manner. This approach not only centralizes management of the fueling facility, it also mitigates risk and reduces the overall maintenance costs at a site.

With Compliance Regulations becoming stricter, proof of compliance is becoming more strenuous and penalties are getting harsher. Ryder Fuel Services Compliance Management provides remote site monitoring services to companies who need to comply with local, state, and federal environmental regulations at the lowest cost. This service allows companies to effectively deal with regulatory business issues by monitoring site 24/7/365. It tracks all site alarms with resolution, reducing unnecessary costly maintenance dispatches, resulting in tangible cost savings.

The Ryder Fuel Service Project Management service takes the management of upgrading a fueling site or installing a new fueling site out of the hands of unknowledgeable people and successfully implements cost savings on the installation of tanks, unattended fueling systems, automatic tank gauge systems or integration of equipment with back office systems, by managing the purchase of equipment and services provided by contractors.

For more information on the benefits that Ryder Fuel Services can provide you contact us at (281) 647-8900, or visit

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