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Donaldson Muffler  5" X 45" M100465

Donaldson Muffler 5" X 45" - M100465

Brand: Donaldson
Product number: M100465
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List Price: $93.36
$84.02 EA

Product Name: Muffler 5" X 45"
Brand Name: Donaldson
Our Part Number: W26 M100465
Availability: Ships today

Manufacturer Number: M100465
Package Quantity: 1
Unit Of Measure: EA

    End Inlet/End Outlet/On Center
  • Inlet I.D.: 5.00 in.
  • Outlet I.D.: 5.00 in.
  • Body Diameter: 10.00 in.
  • Overall Length: 51.00 in.
    OEM Numbers:
  • Volvo 049044073, V1111110, V8056009
  • Freightliner 421774000, 42012036
  • Nelson 86130M, 86682M

Cross Reference: 480 WEX22920, 490 D0HT5225CLA, 490 D7HT5225CLA, 490 D7HT5230BEA, 490 D7HT5230FRA, 490 D7HT5230GEA, 490 D8HT5230BA, 490 D8HT5230CA, 490 D8HZ5230AF, 490 D8HZ5230AT, 490 D8HZ5230B, 490 D8HZ5230F, 490 E2HT5225BCA, 490 E2HT5225BGA, 490 E2HT5225BMA, 490 E2HT5225L, 550 2022825, 550 2033269, 655 2585727C1, 655 485934C1, 655 486110C1, 655 501464C1, 655 504886C1, 655 586606C1, 655 SMRH86130M, 655 XH5510EM, 655 XH86130M, 655 XH86682M, 655 ZFS86682M, 695 2ME29301P1, 695 2ME29301P13, 695 2ME29301P14, 695 2ME29301P22, 695 2ME49301P11, 695 2ME49301P2, 695 2ME49301P7, 875 230010064, 875 230013410, 875 230013411, 875 230013420, 875 230013807, 875 49044073, 875 49045022, 875 V1111110, 875 V8056009, 880 421774000, 880 A0411843, 880 A0412094, 880 A0412966, 916 M10130
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