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Chevron Products Chevron Havoline Multi Vehlicle ATF 226537482

Chevron Products Chevron Havoline Multi Vehlicle ATF - 226537482

Brand: Chevron Products
Product number: 226537482
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Product Name: Chevron Havoline Multi Vehlicle ATF
Brand Name: Chevron Products
Our Part Number: CPC 226537482
Availability: Ships today

Manufacturer Number: 226537482
Package Quantity: 1
Unit Of Measure: EA

Havoline Multi-Vehicle ATF is a high performance, multipurpose power transmission fluid that offers smooth shift and shudder protection.
It retains high temperature viscosity, resulting in maximum oil film thickness and excellent wear protection. Helps minimize the chances of a transmission overhaul due to sludge, corrosion, or wear of gears, bearings, and clutches.
    Havoline Multi-Vehicle ATF is suitable for most pre-2006 transmissions manufactured by European, Asian and North American OEMs.
  • It has Voith H55.6335.3x and ZF TE-ML 14B qualifications.
  • Havoline Multi-Vehicle ATF is recommended for applications that call for the former DEXRON*®-III H fluid and Allison C-4 fluids.
  • This product is recommended for use in MERCON*® V applications, although it is not licensed under that specification. If you require MERCON V licensing, please use Havoline ATF MERCON V.

Cross Reference: 658 2905312000, 659 29004Q5170, CPC 222130721
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