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Avoid Eye Injury from Bungee Straps

When checking the securement of your load on a flatbed trailer, you may need to re-strap or tighten the rubber bungee strap that holds the tarp to the trailer. If the rubber strap encasement (surrounding the hook) suddenly breaks, the remaining end of the strap can strike your eye.


  • Most eye injuries related to bungee straps occur when one of the hooks releases from the object it was secured to, rather than from a strap or hook failure. If possible, replace the J or S shaped hooks with a spring-loaded gate clip, which prevents the hook from releasing unless the gate is depressed.
  • Lower the lift gate all the way to the ground and inspect the rear of the trailer to ensure proper clearance of lift gate throughout its complete cycle.
  • Drivers: Always check the appearance and condition of straps prior to usage. If there are signs of cracking, fraying, or other wear, discontinue using the equipment immediately! Use a replacement strap that is in good condition or notify your manager.
  • Wear safety glasses when working with equipment that is under tension and subject to failure or sudden and unexpected release.
  • Managers: Check bungee strap equipment at least quarterly, and add and replace as necessary. This check includes equipment used by drivers at remote locations.

Always check the condition of equipment / tools before using them . . . your safety depends on it!!!

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